Tendência Fortíssima do Look Esportivo

Os artigos e materiais esportivos estão suuuper em alta. Eles estão em todas as coleções e serão sensação no nosso próximo verão. Ele já desponta em  itens agora no inverno: moletom, capuz, leggings, as cores vibrantes… já andam por aí!

Ooooooooo O mescla é matéria prima chave nessa tendência, inclusive a cor mescla, seja ela nos tons cinzas ou coloridos. Os shapes são parte super importante, afinal de contas dão a cara do look esportivo nas peças do dia-a-dia. Amarrações,  cordões, zíper trator, tiras de detalhes fazendo a linha das formas do corpo, sobreposições de peças e tecidos são super importantes.

aaaaaaaaaaAs As telas dão o toque final, o requinte despojado! E estão presentes no vestuário, nos acessórios e calçados.

Cores neon já tomaram espaço no último verão.  Estão fortemente presentes nos detalhes das peças, em sobreposições de tecidos de transparência, nos esmaltes, nos prints allover das camisetas, nos cadarços dos tênis, nas presilhas de cabelo… em TUDO!!! E elas continuam com força total! Principalmente nessa tendência de forte influência esportiva. Os looks pop 80 pedem cores neon, e nada mais bacana que essa fusão sport fluor!

Tendência Inverno 2011 – Moda Praia e Íntima

fall winter 2011-12 color

The time has come to part with tradition and to dare!

On the one hand, we have a recession which has hurt people’s morale as much as their purchasing power. On the other, a lingerie world which becomes ever-more opulent, richly decorated and lavishly ornamented! At first glance this is a contradiction but it hides a simple logic: when times are difficult, lingerie offers one of the easiest short-cuts to restore the essentials: selfesteem, individuality, sense of pleasure.

What’s new in colour? Materials!
It is the fabrics above all which, determine the choice of the nuances and hues so it is important to test them on garments. The new colour card features powdered tones used with pretty accents for the most sophisticated and precious materials, especially silks. Also in the running are colours direct from streetwear: lots of blues but also ochres and oranges. These are the colours which will be introduced at Interfiliere in September 2010 for the a/w 2011-12 season.


fall winter 2011-12 raw romance

The new alliance of art and nature, of refined with rustic, handmade and random effects. Cottons and shiny silks, “action painting” prints, but also laces, embroideries, crafted surfaces and artisanal effects. Luminous, clear natural colours, vibrant bronze and old gold accents… It’s a neo-vintage landscape which lends a surprising and pseudo fragility.


fall winter 2011-12 HILARIOUS

Luxury takes a stroll in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano… All the allure of glamour of course, but full of humour and audacity, inspired by resolutely individualistic remixes of yesterday’s multicraft industries with treasures from the attic and grandma’s secret techniques. Daring, liberated, energetic, creative… ageless youth gives form and freshness to a luxury for all generations.


fall winter 2011-12 DARE TO EXPLORE

Maximalism reminiscent of the old curiosity shop as well as today’s concept shops such as Merci in Paris and Anthropology in New York and London. The atmosphere conjures up images of the Silk Route, the riches of all the cultures of the world. Indian embroideries mix with African jacquards, taffetas are decorated with semiprecious stones and stretch satin are everywhere… And, not to forget, the best of current masculine chic and graphics, echoes of the eccentric style of the American Iris Apfel.


fall winter 2011-12 RADICAL CHIC

Between the Berlin of the Twenties and the Paris of the Eighties. Volumes are generous, there is a rigorous architecture, laces, jacquards and cutout effects feature black and ultra-white graphics. The archives of Mugler and Montana are major references which set the tone for a sculpted, clean, structured silhouette. Important to note that this should be a happy hunting ground for really attractive shapewear…

Fonte: Interfiliere

Tendência Inverno 2011 – Cartela de Cores e Tecidos

O Inverno 2011 será uma época de re-invenção, do rejuvenescimento de uma exploração. Valorizando o conceito do tempo, de avançar com novas ideias, da necessidade de brincar, de sair, de explorar. É hora de sair o passado. Isto faz com que apareça uma época de contrastes e alternativas. A SpinExpo antecipa a cartela de cores, fios e fibras  de tendência para o setor de malharia.

Fonte: Infomat

Tendência Inverno 2011 – Cartela de Cores

women's color trend f/w 2010-11

women's color trend f/w 2010-11 orchid

women's color trend f/w 2010-11 chocolate

Fonte: Fashion Snoops

Tendência Inverno 2011 – Cartela de Cores Pantone

f/w 2010-11 Tibi, Purple Orchid

f/w 2010-11 Cynthia Steffe, Rose Dust

f/w 2010-11 Lepore, Lipstick Red

f/w 2010-11 Lepore, Lipstick Red

f/w 2010-11 Rachel Roy, Endive

f/w 2010-11 Lacoste, Lagoon

f/w 2010-11 Ella Moss, Chocolate

Fonte: All Pantone Color Reports

Tendência Verão 2011 Joalheria

S/S 2010 blush jewelry trend

S/S 2010 mix jewelry trend

S/S 2010 urban jewelry trend

S/S 2010 farm trend

S/S 2010 intro trend

Tendência Interiores Verão 2011 – HOME TRENDS S/S 2011 TREND BIBLE

voyager, home s/s 2011 trend

libertine, home s/s 2011 trend

collector, home s/s 2011 trend

epicurean, home s/s 2011 trend

Presented on Infomat, courtesy of Trend Bible, a UK based publisher of trend forecasting books.
All rights reserved. Image copyright remains with the originator.

trend bible logo

Tendência Verão 2011 Infantil – KID’S LIFESTYLE S/S 2011 TREND BIBLE


Cartela de Cores Inverno 2011 – Feminino Masculino e Infantil

Women’s Color

Clothes Encounters
A rendezvous with ensembles of apparel perfection. . .Clothes Encounters. Slate grey and mauve shades of fixed engagement and frequent affair give ratine yarns and pima cotton a soft, matte finish. Light sea green and indigo tones of venue and faultless attire mingle with tulle and viscose to create an eclectic, timeless atmosphere. An encounter of intrinsic necessity.
Grand Entrance
An ostentatious introduction of supreme beauty. . . Grand Entrance. Light blue and silvery grey tones of majestic and enchanting appearances highlight delicate style lines and emphasize pearled trim. Dark slate and sienna hues of debut and illustrious accentuate embossed effects and contrasting surfaces on silken faille. An enchanting overture to visual extravagance.
State of Mind
A clear perception focused on an ingenious future. . . State of mind. Rapturous blue tones of lucidity and remembrance elucidate intricate weaves of fine spun silk. Slate grey and green yellow hues of impulsive conviction and thoughtful recollection imbue soft, alpaca wool with a saturated finish. Green sequin trim adds the perfect touch to articulate
Royal Statement
Aristocracy refined with a bold touch of eloquence. . . Royal Statement. Purple and hot pink shades of eminence and supremacy accentuate perfection on a backdrop of angora wool. Yellow and dark violet tones of sovereignty and gentility emphasize subtle nuances on a palette of plaid gingham. A statement of antiquity and grace.

Men’s Color
Body Language
An anatomical expression of communication. Body Language. Steel blue and light icy green hues of unambiguous expression and explicit gesture passionately resonate on quintessential batik fabric. Bluish-pink and tan shades of visual statement and body movement intermingle with botany wool and cotton jersey to create an atmosphere of apparent duality. Subtle, unspoken words.
Tailor Made
Custom designed for the fashion forward cavalier. Tailor Made. Deep chocolate and silvery brown shades of costumier and articulate configuration exude stylistic accents on a backdrop of herringbone and glen-checked wool. Olive green and khaki hues of perfectly fitted and made to order add fluidity to fine mohair. Ostentatious accessories add a modish flair to the mix. Custom built for the modern man.
Work Daze
A laborious endeavor 7 day a week. Work Daze. Grey and deep indigo shades of daily grind and afternoon exertion highlight subtle style lines and draw attention to gold metal trim. Brown and dark green tones of nine to five and over achiever add genius to twill suiting and sturdy leather. Crimson red tints of craftsman give herringbone and Petersham wool supplementary recognition. An obligatory calling.
Alter Ego
A perfect substitute of the second self. Alter Ego. Red orange and khaki tones of inseparable friend and constant companion draw attention to royal excellence on a milieu of lambs wool and soft mohair. Dark forest green and violet hues of dual personality and second self insinuate velvet images of crowned royalty. A swanky counterpart with a fashionable flamboyance.
Urban Mix
Synthesized forms of metropolitan grooves. Urban Mix. Slate grey and vibrant yellow tones of conjoined cosmopolitan and fused configuration exude fluid and definitive movement on flannelette cotton. Light brown and silver shades of blended element and civil medleys oscillate rhythmically between botany wool and tie-dye edging. A metropolis of stylish contradictions.
Prints Charming
Vibrant variations of charismatic compositions. Prints Charming. Bright red and orange-yellow tints of lasting impression and captivating appeal elucidate uncertainty on contrasting plaid and paisley patterns. Royal blue and sea green tones of amusing attraction and diversified poise give heather-mixed wool dynamic panache. Prints with allure and vivacity.

Boyz Report
Blue Tech
Expansive and explorative hi-tech components. Blue Tech. Royal and steel blue shades of industrial science and telecommunication intensify layers of engineered non-woven fabrics. Silver and grey tones of robotics and experimentation reveal scenery of acetate and viscose while accentuating rounded edges. Smooth, silken finishes indicate methodical, scientific notions. Systematic and experimental.
Space Kidz
Intergalactic dreams of far out ideas. Space Kidz. Olive and yellow green tones of metagalactic and ocean of space signify cosmic inspirations within a setting of oxford shirting and corduroy. Purple and silver shades of cosmos and solar system provide infinite possibilities on a complex canvas of stretch novelty jersey. Brown subtleties connote a curiosity for the unknown. Explorations of deep space
Exchange Student
Intercultural opportunities of endless learning. Exchange Student. Bright blue and green shades of cultural interchange and conscious living exude artful distinctions on multi-dimensional surfaces. Orange and red hues of world heritage and global expanse combine resilience and elasticity on an expansive backdrop of natural fibers. Exchanges of intellect and ingenuity
Holiday Cheer
Celebratory jubilations of endless recreation and play. Holiday Cheer. Royal blue and brown shades of fiesta and jubilee evoke a feeling of joy while emphasizing lustrous textures and trim. Gold and orange tones of merrymaking and jamboree accentuate a decorative palette of festive suggestions on a backdrop of embroidered tapestries. Exuberant and festive.

Girl’s Color
American Outfitter
A perfect assembly of harmonious adventures. American Outfitter. Silver and gold tones of articulate construction and coordinated costume display trendy accents on a backdrop of mercerized denim and pima cotton. Deep violet and brown hues of modestly equipped and adventurous expedition add richness to herringbone wool. Daintily outfitted and ready for adventure.
Autumn Angels
Purely innocent messengers of the divine. Autumn Angels. Dark chocolate brown and grass green shades of supernatural being and heavenly cherub resonate with joyous clarity in a setting of ethereal nuances. Crimson and violet tones of celestial and archangel create the perfect unison between contrasts of gingham and poplin. Flecks of mustard gold add the perfect touch of purity. Angelic and eternal.
Zipped Up!
Tactful and buttoned up with vitality and zest. Zipped Up! Soft beige and coral tones of bashful and unpronounced style fluctuate rhythmically between tartan and Donegal wool. Light pink and salmon hues of pleasantly secretive and unassuming give added depth and texture to eloquently checked patterns. Blue and green mingle to create unbounded expressions of playfulness. Delicate and intricate.
Love Child
Enchanting and youthful with deep and ardent affection. Love Child. Bright orange and purple tones of paramour and innocent adoration convey a harmonious atmosphere on a backdrop of embroidered devotion. Fuchsia and yellow shades of sweet love and lighthearted amity radiate with brilliance on a canvas of velveteen and dimity. Abundant and full of endless delight.

Fonte: DO! Design Options

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